WWE Officials Not Happy With HBK and Alundra Blayze HOF Speeches?



WWE officials asked several stars to cut their speeches short on Saturday night at the 2015 Hall of Fame ceremony, including Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. As noted, WWE wanted to limit most speeches to 12 minutes.

Overall, WWE officials were not pleased with this year’s ceremony as they felt the show ran way too long and wasn’t exciting enough. Officials were said to have loved The Bushwhackers speech, with the feeling it was a perfect mix of their characters and telling old stories. However, they were not happy with Madusa’s use of adult language and some weren’t happy with how she put over Eric Bischoff.

Regarding Shawn Michaels, he tore up his prepared speech and was going off the cuff when he inducted Nash. WWE officials weren’t happy with Shawn’s use of the words “strap” and “wrestler” in his speech.

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