William Regal talks about the time he choked Kevin DuBrow


William Regal will be the first to tell you that he was a very naughty lad back in his younger days. But did you know that one of his early exploits included attempting to choke out Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot live on the air?

On this past Friday’s (4/16) edition of Talk Is Jericho, Lord Regal sat down with Chris Jericho for what many are calling one of the best episodes in TIJ history. During the course of the interview, Regal regaled us with a true rock ‘n’ roll story that happened after a wild night out on the town in Las Vegas.

WCW was in town for a live edition of Monday Nitro, and Regal was booked early that morning for a string of radio appearances to promote the evening’s event. At the time, none other than Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot was the morning man for Vegas rock station KOMP.

DuBrow asked Regal what bands he grew up listening to, and Regal revealed that he was a fan 70’s English glam rockers Slade. Kevin responded by saying, “I know those guys. I made those fellas a lot of money.” (DuBrow, of course, was referencing to the Slade songs “Cum on Feel the Noize” and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now”, which later became big hits for Quiet Riot when the band covered them.)

A surly Regal, still strung out from the night before, retorted with, “Don’t you think they made you a lot of money? The only hits you ever had were Slade songs.” DuBrow responded, “No need to be like that, man.” What happened next is the stuff of rock ‘n’ wrestling legends, as an irate Regal lunged across table and put his hands across DuBrow’s throat. (Clearly Regal’s metal health wasn’t very good back then.)

Listen to Sir Regal tell the full tale, in only the way he can, below.

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