Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins joins TNA creative team


After the great Hogan/Bischoff experiment failed, TNA has now made the logical transition to…Billy Corgan?

Variety first broke the news today that Billy Corgan, leader of the legendary alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins, has joined TNA Wrestling as Senior Producer, Creative and Talent Development, effective immediately.

This announcement shouldn’t come as a complete shock, as Corgan has made it no secret over the years that he is a lifelong fan of professional wrestling. He even founded his own indie federation based out of Chicago called Resistance Pro Wrestling, which he left back in November 2014.

This unique partnership came about after TNA President Dixie Carter contacted Corgan and invited him to a creative meeting. Carter issued the following statement regarding Corgan’s addition to the TNA creative team:

“I’ve known Billy for years and have always been blown away by his musical artistry, as well as his knowledge and understanding of professional wrestling. He has always impressed me with his creativity and passion for our business. Billy is truly gifted and understands the emotion tied to the psychology of connecting with an audience. The more we talked, the more I realized his perspective has the potential to make a huge impact on our brand.”

As far as his creative plans for TNA, Corgan believes that his ideas will “break new ground”, adding,

“There is a tremendous opportunity to go into really fresh, new directions. Having characters who explore race or transgender issues is certainly a possibility. There are ways to explore those themes in ways that are productive, create new stars and show that value-based ‘babyfaces’, no matter what their background, no matter where they come from, can draw new audiences and inspire people in new ways.”

TNA Announcer Josh Matthews conducted an exclusive interview with Billy Corgan that can be viewed below.

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